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There is No Disguise_Vocal

CD-Track: CD138_1
Description: Modern Rock, Rock, Drama, Great Build, Big Chorus, Distinctive, Male Vocal, Nickelback, Love Scene, Scenes Where a Character Hides Himself, Scenes Where a Character is Honest, Song Playing on Radio, Closing Credits, 4_4 Time, Key of A Major, Rhythmic Feel Straight, Scenes Where a Character Breaks Out of His Shell, Unconditional Love, True Love, Scenes Where a Character Reveals Their Love, Ballad, Teen movies, Motivational Movie, Love Song, Theme Song
Keywords: Big, Building, Dramatic, Intense, Introspective, Passionate, Poignant, Powerful, Strong, Love, Relationship, Ballad, Uplifting, Heartwarming, Inspiring, Melodic
Length: 3:52
Styles: Modern Rock, Rock, Drama
Instrumentation: Piano, Drums, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Percussion, Electro Pop Sounds, Tambourine, Male Vocal
Vocals? No
Tempo: Medium, 92 bpm
Composer(s): Dean Brantley Taylor,ASCAP,33,Logan Rayne Pepper,SOCAN_BMI,33,Marc David Blackwell,ASCAP,34

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