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Loves In My Pocket_Vocal

CD-Track: CD163_9
Description: A Touching, Emotional, Indie Pop Rock Song, Pulls At The Heartstrings, Though The Past Has Losses, You Learn From It and Be Optimistic About The Future, I Keep Hanging On, Not A Day Of Regret, The Fray, David Gray, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Bittersweet, Heartfelt, Lovely, Touching, Uplifting, Pop, Rock, Indie Song, Male Vocal
Keywords: Pop, Rock, Indie Song
Length: 3:15
Styles: Male Pop Rock
Instrumentation: Rock Band, Male Vocal
Vocals? Yes, Male
Tempo: Medium
Composer(s): Louis Yoelin,BMI,100
Publisher(s): Editors Choice Music Library,BMI,100

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