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Having Fun_Instrumental

CD-Track: CD167_12
Description: Strokes, Carnival, Fair, Midway, Delirious, Dizzy, Vampire Weekend, The Intoxicating, Overindulgent Mood Is Dripping All Over This Song, The Camera Is Moving In Quick, Jagged Motions, Much Like The Pack Of Teenagers It Is Trying To Follow Through The Nighttime Carnival Scene, Let Loose, They Are Hopped Up On Hormones And Oblivious To Anything Outside Their Circle Of Friends
Keywords: Strokes, Carnival, Fair, Midway, Delirious, Dizzy, Vampire Weekend
Length: 2:45
Styles: Alternative, Indie, AAA, Pop, Rock, College, Lo Fi
Instrumentation: Rock Band, Guitar, Bass, Drum, Effects, Sound Effects, Percussion
Vocals? No
Tempo: Medium, Fast
Composer(s): Joe Slyzelia,ASCAP,50,Keith Scanlan,BMI,50
Publisher(s): Editors Choice Music,ASCAP,50,Editors Choice Music Library,BMI,50

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