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God Bless Ye Merry Gentlemen_Vocal

CD-Track: CD174_1
Description: Classic Rock version of the Old, Christmas Standard, somewhere between The Doors and an Addams Family Christmas Special, Quirky and not completely Serious but Heavy, Perfect for any Film or Show presenting Christmas in a Quirky or Hipster Context
Keywords: Classic Rock, Dark, Heavy, Standard, Quirky, Christmas, Comedy, Ironic, The Doors, 1960s, 1970s
Length: 2:25
Styles: Bold, Dark, Driving, Earthy, Eerie, Haunting, Hard, Gritty, Menacing, Powerful, Raw, Retro, Sick, Sinister, Strange, Surprising, Melancholic
Instrumentation: Drums, Electric Bass, Electric Guitar, Hammond Organ, Piano, Tubular Bells, Male Vocal
Vocals? Yes, Male
Tempo: Medium, 84 bpm
Composer(s): Carl Schonbeck,ASCAP,100
Publisher(s): Editors Choice Music,ASCAP,100

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