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Gates of Hell-60

CD-Track: CD77-10
Description: Suspense, Dramatic music, action adventure, science fiction, heroic action, production music, fast movements, hypnotic bass line, energetic, active, restrained excitement
Keywords: Outer space action adventure, Running down corridors and laneways, battling numerous opponents, Matrix trilogy, car chase, dark, edgy, chasing, combat, hypnotic, action, energetic, sci-fi aliens, sci-fi monsters, dramatic, intense, apprehensive, sci-fi demons, war, robots, futuristic, spaceships, Armageddon, suspense, death match, extreme sport, running, fighting, brave, determined, bouncy, unrelenting, driven, orbital, event horizon, confident, powerful, electronic orchestral hybrid cinematic music
Length: :60
Styles: Dramatic soundtrack, film instrumental, TV instrumental, science fiction, thriller action, suspense action, credits, titles, sport extreme music, video games music, crazy party dance floor track
Instrumentation: Orchestral and electronic instrumentation, brass, dramatic brass swells, strings, orchestral drums, hypnotic dance groove, hypnotic bass, sound design effects
Vocals? No
Tempo: Fast tempo, energetic, running tempo, action tempo
Composer(s): Edd Charmant

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