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Funky Genes_Vocal

CD-Track: CD167_5
Description: Parliament, Funkadelic, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Mothership, A Purple Haze Of Smoke Swirls In The Black Light, Some Stoners Sink In Their Sofas, Some Lovers Are Doing The Greazy Spoon, And Some Freaky Deakies Gyrate Around The toom In Their Funky Bell Bottoms
Keywords: Parliament, Funkadelic, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Mothership
Length: 3:59
Styles: Funk, Rock, R and B, Rhythm and Blues, Soul, Jam, Dance
Instrumentation: Funk Band, Horn, Sax, Guitar, Bass, Drum, Percussion, Synthesizer, Male Vocal
Vocals? Yes, Male Vocal
Tempo: Medium
Composer(s): Joe Slyzelia,ASCAP,50,Keith Scanlan,BMI,50
Publisher(s): Editors Choice Music,ASCAP,50,Editors Choice Music Library,BMI,50

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