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Cuireadh do Mhuire

CD-Track: CD91-30
Description: Celtic, Irish, Scottish, Scenery, Jaunty, Walking Pace, Travelogue, Irish Heritage, Genealogy, Family Roots, Travelogue Walk and Talk through Irish Scenery, 100 bpm, Jaunty Sense of Movement, Walking Pace, Irish Scenic Tour, Over Moor and Mountain
Keywords: Irish, Scenery, Celtic, Jaunty, Walking Pace, Scottish, Travelogue, Irish Heritage, Genealogy, Family Roots
Length: 2:21
Styles: Irish Scenery, Walking Pace, Discovery of Irish Heritage, Over Moor and Mountain
Instrumentation: Celtic instrumentation, Opens with Harp and Piano, Adding Bass, Kick Drum, Low Flute and Tin Whistle, Brief Interlude into Voices before resolving into full ensemble adding Uileainn Pipes, Strings and Bodhran Drum
Vocals? No
Tempo: 100 bpm, Brisk Walking pace, Jaunty in Style
Composer(s): Ronan Doherty,IMRO_BMI,100
Publisher(s): Editors Choice Music Library,BMI,100

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