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CD-Track: CD112_4
Description: Upbeat roots reggae, cooks, minor verse up to major refrain, repeating that Life is a Cornucopia, I can tell by the way it turns, and turns and calls for all people to look at life as taking care of them, Comforting, you can dance to it!
Keywords: Island, Reggae, Hopeful, upbeat, soothing, empowering, turn of Life, changes, minor to major, dance, skank, female backing vocals, full band
Length: 3:22
Styles: Roots Reggae, Dub, Conscious Reggae
Instrumentation: Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, percussion, male lead vocals, female backing vocals
Vocals? Yes, Male
Tempo: Slow, 55 to 85 bpm
Composer(s): Scott Turchin,ASCAP,100,

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