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CD-Track: CD103_15
Description: Driving, West Coast, guitar pop meets Brit Pop, modern slightly psychedelic feel, 4_4 time, Teenage Fan club, The Rain Parade, The Byrds, Beach Boys, Cowboy Junkies, Jesus and Mary Chain
Keywords: Driving, wistful, powerful, melancholy, Sixties harmonies, West Coast guitar pop, longing, day dreaming, travel, USA, Americana, Weather, 4_4 time
Length: 4:11
Styles: Rock band, Indie, Sixties influenced, Brit Pop
Instrumentation: Female lead vocal, male backing vocal, Electric Guitars, Bass Guitar, Drums
Vocals? Yes, Male
Tempo: Moderate, Fast
Composer(s): Mark Crozer,SOCAN_BMI,100

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